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The Wooded Pig, a range of cured meats produced from pigs raised on our farm, was established by Eoin in 2016. Eoin learnt outdoor pig husbandry while working in New Zealand and was keen to bring the concept back to the woodland on his family farm. 


Today, the pigs are raised outdoors amongst the ash, oak and beech trees of the farms woodland, a natural habitat for pigs allowing them to roam freely. This farming practice prioritises animal welfare while also allowing for slow growth, resulting in enhanced flavour development.  


Eoin studied charcuterie production in Northern Italy, and has developed recipes specifically to complement the high quality Irish pork. Curing meat involves multiple stages including butchering, spicing and drying, and unique to the Wooded Pig, all production is carried out on the grounds of the farm. This allows us to ensure full traceability and to maintain the highest quality standards at every stage of the process.